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Techniques and strategies to add team-building activities to your curriculum.

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Create better team building opportunities through physical challenges! Exciting adventures are included for upper elementary through high school ages in these team building activity guides.

Promote Teamwork

Teamwork skills are important for students to develop. They must be able to work in groups for classes, and they will also need to work as a team later in life in their careers.

Essentials of Team Building provides a proven approach for helping people become respectful competitors, cooperative team members, and community leaders. Now you can help your students or group develop these same important skills with this book and DVD set. Activities and challenges included in the book are geared toward beginning to advanced participants in a variety of settings, focusing on skills such as problem solving, risk taking, building working relationships, cooperation, creative thinking, building trust, making decisions, setting goals, and developing physical skills. The book has 10 chapters filled with fun, challenging exercises.

The activities in Team Building Through Physical Challenges are broken down into 3 levels: introductory, intermediate, and advanced. These levels make the challenges ideal for students in upper elementary to high school. For each of the challenges, you’ll find a summary that includes a detailed description, success criteria, an equipment list, setup instructions, rules, possible solutions, and additions and variations. Throughout each challenge, students learn to value teamwork, practice their leadership skills, improve their listening, and appreciate individual differences. As they struggle, fail, persevere, and finally succeed, they will learn how to creatively come to solutions together while listening to each other and encouraging their teammates. The book has 5 chapters with different challenge categories and levels.

Sample Activities

Samples from Physical Challenges book include:

  • Alphabet Balance Game (introductory): Group members attempt to rearrange their starting order while positioned on a balance beam. They begin in a random order and the instructor or members choose a way to rearrange.
  • Bridge Over the Raging River (Intermediate): All group members must travel from one end of a gym space to the other end without touching the floor (river). The group can only use the following equipment: 4 tires, two 8’L 2 x 4s, and 2 jump ropes.
  • Power Line (Advanced): Group members cross over a high horizontal bar by using an eight-foot 2x4 board to help transfer teammates from one side of the power line to the other side. Individuals cannot touch the bar (power line) with the board or their bodies.
  • Paperback book is 160 pages. 

Essentials of Team Building Book w/ DVD includes:

  • 58 activities and challenges for beginning through advanced teams
  • Reproducible forms for organizing, presenting, and evaluating team-building challenges
  • Ready-to-use unit and semester plans with evaluation tools for each activity
  • A bound-in DVD with video clips of 25 challenge demonstrations and reproducible challenge and organizer cards
  • Paperback book is 248 pages.

Team Building Resource Options

Team Building Resources include.

  • Team Building Through Physical Challenges Book
  • Essentials of Team Building Book w/ DVD