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Shop for highly-durable, multicolored playground balls made for long-lasting use from Gopher Sport!

Incorporate quality, durability, and performance into one rubber ball for ultimate playability on the playground or during PE class. Gopher’s UltraPlay balls are specially designed with upgraded materials for long-term use in schools. The premium construction allows the balls to hold air and keep their shape longer than other rubber balls.

An innovative, soft-touch cover provides the same premium feel and performance of a more expensive ball, but at a budget-friendly price that teachers appreciate. Our multicolored sports balls also incorporate this soft-touch rubber cover into classic designs so students can train with balls that mirror official versions.

These balls are friendlier than other rubber balls, making them ideal for younger students. But they also serve as a great training tool during sports practice.

Shop for the best rubber balls for use in your class and on the playground from Gopher!