Primary Functions

Immediate Printed Results

Get unofficial race results in the hands of athletes moments after the race has ended! It’s accurate to 1/100 of a second and can quickly log, store, and print times for up to 300 participants, making it ideal for road races, marathons, and group running events. Quickly program runner ID numbers for instant accessibility! The three-row display makes it easy to recall times, ID numbers, and more for quick reference or print.

Printed results display 13 digits per line in a large and clear format, and includes year, month, date, and time for ongoing tracking. Printed split or lap times make it easy for athletes to gauge their pace and show quantitative results that can be used for training. With a 1.5 lines per second printing rate, it’s easy to provide results to numerous racers quickly. Requires 4 AA batteries (included). Printer paper (5 rolls) is sold separately.