Incredible Durability

The premium aluminum shaft and titanium head on this racquet makes them ideal for extreme wear and tear. Perfect for competitive play and institutional use alike, players will see a sustainably high level of play, hit after hit, for years to come. Floor impacts and other abuses are easily withstood by a sound construction, and the option for braided-nylon or coated-steel strings makes this racquet perfect for competitive play and institutional use alike.

Precise and Powerful Play

A longer frame adds more reach to students' swings, giving them more chances for a big hit. Lightweight construction and leather grip afford precise handling while an isometric head increases the "sweet spot" for lively returns. Choose braided-nylon strings for fluid responsiveness or coated-steel strings for unmatched durability. Recommended for competitive play.

Racquet with braided-nylon strings is 3.9 oz and racquet with coated-steel strings is 4.1 oz.