Outstanding Rebound

An extra thick rubber cover is reinforced with nylon and polyester windings to withstand high-bounce rebounding drills. Users are challenged to throw this ball with force as it will not crack or split. The vivid cover design with alternating colored panels ensure that no matter how high or fast users bounce the ball, they will not lose track of it.

No-Slip Grip

A textured, dimpled surface with smooth channels resemble a basketball, making Enforcer easy to throw and catch during medicine ball exercises. This grippy surface minimizes the chance of the ball slipping through sweaty hands so individual or partner workouts stay on track.

Quickly and easily select the correct medicine ball every time with one glance. Each weight features a large, easy-to-read weight identifier and is color-coded for simple recognition. The diameter also increases as the weight increases, enhancing the difficulty for users.

Set Options