Self-Starting Exercises

With upper and lower body kettlebell exercises clearly displayed, students don’t have to waste any time before diving into exercises and warmups. Self-paced learning results in better form when using kettlebells and a healthy appreciation for exercising.

Clear Instruction

Each exercise is clearly illustrated and explained. Students can observe proper start and stop positions and read step-by-step directions to ensure each move is done properly and safely. Train students with 18 exercises across three posters, like swings, snatches, goblet squats, and more. Exercises are divided into Upper Body, Lower Body, and Total Body moves. 24"L x 18"W.

Durable Design

Posters come laminated, making them easy to mount to the wall in your gym, classroom, or exercise area. Hang them up for quick reference—pictures are visible from anywhere in the gym. They come rolled up to ensure there are no folds or creases.