Fun and Easy to Play

Divide players into 5 equal teams and designate each as a food group. Scatter the puzzle pieces across the gym floor. Players race one-by-one to pick up one piece at a time for their food group. The players races to put the piece on the mat, then the next player goes. The first team to complete its section of the mat wins.

Included activity instructions feature several other fun game variants. For example, players can be divided into 2 teams and timed to see which team finishes the fastest.

Long-Lasting Construction

The puzzle pieces are made of sturdy polyvinyl. They grip the floor and resist tearing. Pieces are color-coded, making it easy to match them with food groups. There are 11 protein pieces, 12 veggie pieces, 12 grain pieces, 11 fruit pieces, and 8 dairy pieces. The mat is made of vinyl, so it will hold up and resist tearing over time. It shows a plate where the foods should be placed.

Pack includes MyPlate mat (4' x 4'), 54 puzzle pieces, a VersaBag mesh storage bag, and activity instructions.