Great for Young Students

The bright colors allow for easy tracking by younger students while the slightly higher density makes these foam balls feel and bounce like official volleyballs, soccer balls, softballs, bocce balls, and handballs. Because they're made of foam, these balls are less intimidating and less likely to cause injury in case they come in contact with a student.

Premium Construction

Made of high-quality foam that's slightly firmer than our Squeeze balls, these balls deliver a medium bounce that takes the pace of play up a notch. A premium coating will not peel, crack, or absorb moisture, allowing the ball to keep its shape and performance for years—even with heavy use and repetitive contact with walls and floors.

Excellent Versatility

Teachers have numerous options to tailor activities to age groups, skill levels, and course sizes thanks to the variety of sizes and colors available.

Gopher Versa Coated-Foam balls are available in Sets of 6 and Individually in a variety of colors and three sizes (6,.3" dia, 7" dia, and 8.25" dia).