The breakaway rim on this in-ground basketball system makes it ideal for teaching students basketball skills that will translate indoors. Breakaway rim provides more flexibility than fixed rims, allowing it to bend or “give” when players dunk. The single-rim design offers greater playability than comparable double-rim models.

Two pole sizes and setbacks make it possible to tailor your outdoor basketball experience. 3-1/2" OD steel post with a 3' setback is ideal for smaller spaces and shorter courts, while the 4-1/2" OD steel post with a 4' setback is a great addition to full-size outdoor courts.

System is available with your choice of 3 backboards. Aluminum is rust-proof and lightweight. Steel backboard is durable and graffiti resistant. Polycarbonate is similar to an indoor acrylic backboard and offers the best rebound and play.