Expert Instruction

Large, 18”L x 18”W station boards are made of reinforced, 1/8" thick plastic boards that will withstand years of everyday use. Pair a board with a SmartHolder Cone at each of the 12 stations to clearly display skill information. It’s like having a coach or an instructor at every station! Boards feature large, full-color start and stop photos to demonstrate proper form and technique, clear and concise instruction, and helpful tips to guide students through all the moves and drills. Students will learn the basics of throwing, fielding, hitting, and base running.

Included laminated teacher cards feature all the drills and include additional, detailed information on training station setup, implementation, and instruction. At 6”L x 4”W they’re compact enough to carry with you on the field for quick and easy reference.

In addition to the skills boards, we also included 4 activities to get the entire class involved while working on baseball and softball skills. Play Throwing & Catching Relay, Team Hot Box, Hitting Challenge, and Hot Foot Catch and reinforce students’ newly acquired skills.

Quality and Correct Equipment

Choose the Pack that best fits the age and ability of your students or program. We offer two Packs with similar equipment, but in sizes and styles to accommodate specific ages and skill levels. For example, the Beginner Pack includes 11”L gloves and plastic balls and bats; while the Intermediate Pack has 12-1/2”L gloves, metal bats, batting helmets, and softballs.

Both packs include:

Beginner Pack includes:

Intermediate Pack includes: