Instantly Recognizable

Everyone knows what the black and yellow diagonal design means. This traditional caution design is highly visible and recognizable and allows you to easily apply warnings to any area in your school or gym. Use it to mark off low overhangs, steep steps, or hanging pipes, among other danger spots. Each roll measures 2”W x 180’L.

Durable Design

Made with a quality vinyl material, this tape has been designed to withstand heavy foot traffic. An extra strong adhesive allows the tape to stick to any material. For best results, please apply this tape to clean and dry surfaces.

After you are done using this tape, it comes off clean and easy. If it has been in place for several months, simply apply a warm towel or rag to the tape to heat it up and loosen the adhesive.

Use in Games

Certain themed games in PE class can have some extra fun added to them with this tape! For example, you might tape off a “free zone” in dodgeball or team battle ball, or in various tag games.