Durable Design

Pealess whistles are reliable and long-lasting thanks to their single-piece, molded BPA-free plastic construction. Because these whistles are pealess, there’s no concern about damaged, jammed, or frozen peas disrupting use. The single-piece design ensures whistles can stand up to being blown, jostled, dropped, and more. They can also be dropped into the water for instant cleaning without the fear of rusting.

A Variety of Styles

There are 3 whistle options available, giving institutions the ability to equip referees, instructors, and authority figures with the perfect whistle for their situation.

Choose whistles in a Rainbow Set of 6 or in a Rainbow Plus Set of 8 (1 Ea Rainbow color; plus 1 Ea black, white). Whistles also available individually in black. Each whistle set comes with breakaway lanyards.