Improve Brain Power

These pedal desks allow students to quietly exercise without disturbing classmates. By constantly moving and increasing blood flow, students will be better able to focus for longer periods of time, resulting in better comprehension of instruction. This is especially true when compared to sitting all day long.

Easy to Operate

The pedals in the desk are easy to operate and very smooth when spinning. They have a textured top that helps students keep their feet on the pedals without slipping. The ease of use makes these desks ideal for students age 9 and up. A variety of sizes lets you find the perfect solution for your students' needs.

Built to Last

Each desk is built to withstand years of institutional use. A white, powder-coated steel frame is extremely durable and will not flake or rust. Desk feet include rubber end caps for safe use on any surface and to keep the desks stable. Truck delivery.

Pedal Desk Options