Space Saving Accommodation

Telescoping basketball goals are great for conserving space within your gymnasium and accommodate students of all ages and skill levels. Telescoping design moves the backboard/goal closer or farther from the wall. On side-swing systems, you can move the backboard/goal horizontally and set them against the wall to free up space for other activities.

Superior Durability

Seamless, 2" thick steel tubing provides 33% more strength and rigidity as compared to similar systems. Extra-heavy, solid-steel machine pivot bushings increase the stability and sturdiness of these wall-mount basketball systems. Welded brackets, fail-safe bolts, and chain tensioning turnbuckle offer reinforced stability against institutional wear and tear. A silver, powder-coated finish adds a brilliant shine to the entire system for a sleek, professional finish.

Systems also include pre-finished timbers, pre-drilled and ready for mounting. Tempered glass backboards are the highest-quality backboards available, and provide the best ball response on rebounds.

Systems are available in 2 types and 3 sizes: