Encourage Time Management

The green, yellow, and red lights on this timer represent how much time remains on the clock, giving younger students a visual understanding of time management and urgency. Green means there’s plenty of time remaining, yellow cautions that time has elapsed, and red warns everyone that time is quickly running out. Teachers determine how much time corresponds with each color, making it possible to teach different lessons about time management. Customize up to 6 sound cues to add an audible alert as colors change. Audible cues, in conjunction with the bright colors, make this a great visual timer for autism. A large LED screen shows time remaining as well.

Great Visibility

Timer measures 10”H with bright colors that can be seen from across the gym. 180° viewing allows the entire class to see the timer, alerting them to the current color selection and how much time might be left in their overall activity. Because this timer operates on batteries, it can be placed anywhere—including right in the middle of the gym for students on all sides to see.