Additional Durability

These half-cones feature the same 50%-thicker design as our standard ProTuff half-cones, but include a rubber TPR bottom to ensure they stay in place during play. They are designed with the best polyurethane on the market and a design that lends itself to outstanding flexibility and durability.

Easy to Store

Easily nest these cones on top of each other in storage. This design allows you to save a greater amount of space in your PE closet. The light weight and nesting feature also makes the cones easier to set up and take down.

Colorful Choices

The orange and Rainbow colors are made to be easy to see, and offer outstanding options for organization. Easily separate students or store equipment according to color. Cones are 2-1/2"H.

ProTuff Half-Cones are available in sets of 36 in 2 colors.