Oversized Design

Clubs are 27"L with a larger club face to increase contact with the 2" dia ball, which promotes confidence in beginners! A molded-in grip on the handle promotes comfort and control when students are swinging. Lightweight construction allows for coordination from the backswing to the follow-through for total swing control.

Great Durability

These blow-molded clubs have no seams or weak points, making them optimal for institutional settings and heavy use. They are resistant to mishits and accidental contact with the ground or other clubs.

Vibrant Colors

Six Rainbow colors are exceptional for organizing classes and add a fun pop of color to the course! After use, they make cleanup and organization a breeze, ensuring you never lose a piece of this complete set.

Set includes 6 Rainbow irons (27"L), 6 plastic Rainbow golf balls (1-7/10" dia).