Choose the 12- or 24-student version of our best archery pack to giving everyone the opportunity to nock and release! Both packs include our custom-designed ArcherKing Archery cart for accessible storage and smooth transport. Rainbow colors add organization and coordination to your class.

An All-in-One Archery Solution

In addition to 12 or 24 Rainbow compound bows, packs include fiberglass arrows (30”L), providing each student with 12 shots downrange and allowing them to cluster arrows and make adjustments to their shots in real time.

Custom Storage

Everything included in these Packs fits neatly on the custom-made ArcherKing Cart for easy transportation and storage. The cart features a convenient push handle for maximum control across uneven outdoor terrain, plus 2 swivel casters and 2 all-terrain wheels to guide it. Stores up to 24 bows and 144 arrows in four 6" dia PVC tubes. 36-1/2”L x 33-1/2”W x 40”H, 65 lb.

Vibrant Color Options

Use the Rainbow colors to quickly organize classes and set up activities. Assign specific colors to students to help them better track their shots or assign point values to different arrow colors to amp up the fun.

Pack Options