Oversized Fun

EnormaSport lacrosse sticks provide greater success for beginners thanks to a catching area that's 50% larger than traditional sticks. As a result, catching and controlling the ball is easier than ever before! Even the balls are larger than traditional lacrosse balls. At 3.5" dia, instead of 2.5" dia, these balls are easy to see and catch.

Perfect for Beginners

Larger stick heads are less intimidating and more fun for beginners because they add a unique twist to a traditional game. Stick heads are made of soft, flexible plastic that gives on impact and will not crack when force is applied. At 36”L, the stick is the perfect length for beginners as well. Its aluminum construction is lightweight and easy to maneuver.

Great for Teachers

Easily divide students into 2 teams thanks to the red and blue stick heads. Students will be able to easily recognize their teammates, creating less confusion on the field. The included custom storage bag holds all the contents and makes it extremely easy to transport and store the gear.

Set Includes: