Low-Impact Training

Rowing is already a low-impact form of exercising, however this machine takes it down to a near-zero level. It’s easy on all joints, and even easier on knees and ankles than a traditional sit-down rower. This is great for athletes with lower leg injuries or those with lower body injuries. A rubber-coated pulldown handle offers an ergonomic grip and prevents slipping when hands become sweaty.

Built to Last

Powder-coated aluminum frame withstands normal wear and tear of consistent use in a wide variety of settings, including schools, fitness centers, cross training boxes, and more. The electronics are equally sustainable, requiring only 2 fresh D-cell batteries to maintain complete functionality.

Two Setup Options

Our only SkiErg can be set up in two ways to conform to your space restrictions. Mount your unit to any wall to save space without sacrificing usability. Or pair the SkiErg with a floorstand for a freestanding setup that can be placed anywhere in your fitness space. This option can be moved in and out of storage as necessary, making it highly conducive to dynamic environments with less dedicated space for equipment.

Truck delivery.