Fun Flipping Activities

Gather as many beanbags as you can before the other teams flips your stand. Divide the class into 2 teams and designate 2 people from each team as goalies. Beanbags start on the poly spots at the edge of the play area. Offensive players throw beanbags and try to land them on their stand. Defensive players throw foam balls and try to knock over the other team's stand. If the stand tips, that team now has possession of both stands until the opposing team regains possession of a stand.

Switch up games by retrieving beanbags off the other team's stand and returning them to a designated poly spot, instead of placing them on the stand.

Unique, Long-Lasting Gear

The most unique component of this game is the Tip-N-Flip stand. This custom item was created specifically for this game. It is two-colored (half red, half blue) to designate different teams. The top and bottom are both concave, allowing it to better hold beanbags and other objects. The ends are also weighted for added stability and durability during game play.

Set includes 2 stands (24"H x 14" dia), 12 coated-foam balls (6" dia), 24 beanbags, 2 poly spots (9" dia), a VersaBag mesh storage bag, and activity instructions.