Primary Functions

Great Functionality and Memory

With the ability to run up to three timers independently or simultaneously, clocking multiple athletes at once is simple. The stopwatch has the capacity to log split times, lap times, dual splits, and more within a 24-hour timing range. Quickly compare times to get an accurate picture of participants or races. The speed timer will quickly calculate speed with a distance input, allowing you to translate times into either miles or kilometers per hour (MPH or KPH) instantly. The countdown timer allows you to set a time threshold and an alarm triggers once the threshold is met.

Each feature includes extensive recall capabilities that allow the previous 180 times to be cycled through, giving timers a full 540 logs in the palm of their hand. Readings can be accessed without leaving the stopwatch feature, allowing for up-to-the-second tracking and data interpretation simultaneously. Lap timer provides up to 999 readings.

This watch is water resistant to 30 meters and includes a lithium battery that averages 5 years before it needs to be replaced.

Other Functions