Easy to Pull

Featuring three 4"W vinyl-coated flags with a 10"L slit down the middle, students have a bigger, easier-to-grip option with these belts. Tops of the 17"L flags are folded over and triple-stitched to the belt. The slit in the flags also has extra stitching for enhanced durability.

Magnetic Design

Our innovative MagnePro buckle features encased magnets that self-secure and keep the belt in place until flags are pulled or play is over. Tough and adjustable belts are available in two sizes and easily identified by belt color or the sizing label stitched to the interior.

Quality Design

This is a belt release style of flag belt, which means the entire belt comes off when a flag is pulled. Nylon belt and flags dry quickly and do not stretch, rip, tear, or shrink.

Belt Sizes

24-player sets include a VersaBag Mesh Storage Bag.