Additional Safety

At the apex of safety and stability, these trapezoidal plyo boxes feature a tapered frame that doesn't budge when a student lands on the platform. Each box is constructed of 2" sq steel tubing, making them the thickest boxes on the market. Powder-coated 18-gauge steel provides uncompromising durability and keeps equipment looking great for years. Bottom corners feature rubber feet to improve stability and protect floors from scuffs and scratches. The top platform is covered with an anti-skid surface for supreme grip. The non-slip material is recessed from the edge of the frame to prevent it from ever peeling away.

Outstanding Convenience

A three-sided frame allows users to access smaller boxes without needing to unstack and restack all of them. Just slide out the box you want and slide it back in when you're done, saving far more floor space in your storage closet. Truck delivery.