Targeted Cardio

Primarily used for cardio and strength conditioning, this bike allows the user to truly isolate different body parts for more focused workouts. To isolate the upper body, use only the handles. To isolate the lower body, use only the pedals. You can also train the entire body by applying force in all areas. Progressive wind resistance technology allows the user to vary the resistance level by the amount of effort they put in. The harder you pedal, the more resistance there is.

A number of built-in HIIT programs are included to help you achieve cardio excellence. Examples include Tabata (20 second work/10 second rest) or 30/90 tab programs, as well as time, calories, miles, or kilometer programs.The bike’s console features a tachometer for motivation and visual evidence of your exertion.

High-Quality Design

Featuring a double-coated steel body and moisture-repellent frame, this bike has been designed to last for years. A custom 26-blade fan enables users to burn more calories. Front wheels on the frame allow you to easily tip and roll the bike to your desired location. An oversized seat cushion allows for proper knee placement, with a universal rail and clamp system that lets you swap in your own seat if you prefer. Multi-grip handle bars add comfort and anti-slip padding.


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