Durable, Reliable, Safe System

ULTRAVERSE walls offer supreme stability because they’re anchored in place. Each system features 3/4" thick wall panels that easily mount to most walls using the included mounting hardware. As students climb, a 3D red relief line clearly marks the height from the floor, reminding students to stay at safe heights at all times while traversing.

Rely on Gopher's premium ULTRAVERSE Cordless Mat Locking System to keep students safe and lessen the risk of injury while climbing. Safety mats lay flat next to the wall while students climb and can be quickly picked up and locked in place by one person when class ends. Mats are available in your choice of Red or Blue.

Designed for Your Needs

Traditional painted climbing wall features a textured epoxy and sand coating on the surface. Painted walls are durable and stand up to continued use. Textured walls also provide a more "rock-like" surface for climbers, giving feet better grip while climbing the wall.

Gopher's exclusive ULTRAVERSE Climbing wall obstacle set creates activities that not only add fun, but challenge students to work on lateral movement, upper body strength coordination, and problem-solving skills as they maneuver through the course. The ULTRAVERSE Climbing Curriculum Guide includes 40 climbing activities to add versatility and fun!

Walls come in 2 heights—either 8' or 10'H—as well as 2 different widths—either 20' or 40'W—to tailor climbing to meet the size of your available space. Although installation instruction and hardware is included, opting to hire professional installation is at organization's discretion. Outlet covers sold separately. Truck delivery.

Specify mat color when ordering (red or blue).

Packages include: