Fun for the Whole Class

This set accommodates up to 40 players, or 2 teams of 20 split by red and blue scoops. The concept of scoop games is simple: use the scoop to pick up the ball! From there, there are an infinite number of game varieties to keep students on their toes. Have a race to collect opponents' balls, race scooped balls back to a bucket for points, or have students scoop and run a relay without dropping their ball—the possibilities are endless! Use these durable scoops indoors or out.

Scoop up the Fun

Choose from two packs to select the scoop that’s right for your students. AeroScoop Scoops offer a higher success rate when scooping and catching thanks to their extremely lightweight, open-concept construction. The design also helps students see the ball as they scoop it. UltraCatch Scoops are a standard, solid scoop and ideal for all players.

40-Player Scoop Packs include 40 scoops (20 scoops in each color), 20 ResisDent Balls (4” dia), and 2 VersaBag mesh storage bags. Available with your choice of AeroScoop Scoops or UltraCatch Scoops.