Durable yet Soft Construction

A combination of a heavy-duty construction yet soft, friendly feel makes this ball a perfect choice for playgrounds in institutional settings. The three-ply cover provides the ball with an extra layer of protection as well as a softer feel for added comfort – ideal for long-lasting use from students of all ages.

Ultimate Versatility

Each ball features printed-on rules of four square, making it an excellent resource for students who are just learning the game or students needing a quick reference during the game to keep games moving smoothly. Versatile ball is perfect for four square, but students can also use the ball for other passing, dribbling, and playground games.

The ball comes in the most preferred size for rubber balls, at 8.5” dia, and is available in Rainbow or Red Sets of 6. The Rainbow Set is also available in an oversized 10" dia option for greater success during play. The Rainbow colors make it easier for you to split your students up into different game and playing areas, especially if you know you are going to have some students who are at a much higher skill level than others.