Balanced Design

Weight is evenly distributed in equal distance around the users hand, allowing for a wide variety of safe, controllable movements. The hand and bell act as one, giving users the perfect tool for both dumbbell and kettlebell movements. Users will enjoy better range of motion during rows, presses and curls, and more fluidity during kettlebell swings and snatches.

Great Durability

Made from high-tensile strength iron, these bells won’t crack when dropped. Smooth black matte finish enhances grip and protects the bell, which helps maintain a professional appeal over time. A 1-1/4" dia handle is easy to grip during use.

Easy Organization

Weights are color-coded to differentiate them at first glance. Students can easily remember the color they’re most comfortable working with for next time or work towards a higher weight by setting their next color as a goal for success. Weights also display kilograms and pounds, making it easy to record sets and reps in both imperial and metric.

Sets include a mobile or stationary cart and UltraFit Kettlebell Training Charts. This provides a complete solution so you can start teaching right out of the box. UltraFit Stationary Rack is 45"L x 30"W x 39"H, 138 lb. UltraFit Mobile Rack is 52"L x 30-1/2"W x 33"H, 136 lb.

Nucleus Kettlebell Options