Teaches Teamwork

Inspire teamwork as students work together to accomplish a wide range of tasks. If there’s even one player not equaling contributing, the objective of the game can’t be fulfilled! Because each student controls a single elastic strap, and each strap has a pivotal impact on the central objective, it inspires everyone to do their part.

Exciting Activities

Play 5 kids team building games with each set, or create your own variations and modifications. Games include moving a ball from one bucket into another without dropping it, using an attached device to draw shapes or answers questions by maneuvering the straps, and moving beanbags from one spot to another.

Enough for the Entire Class

Sets are available in two sizes, depending on the number of students involved in the group. Basic Sets accommodate up to 15 students working together at one time; Deluxe Sets allow up to 30 students to participate. Deluxe sets also let teams compete head-to-head during different tasks and challenges to see which one has better communication skills and coordination!

Basic Set includes:

Deluxe Set includes: