Keep Students Active

With huge checkers that take 2 hands to pick up and move, students get their daily dose of physical exercise while also exercising their brains! Students jump over pieces on their way to getting a king while also promoting balance, coordination, and cardiovascular exercise. This game gets students up, outside, and having fun in a way that traditional tabletop checkers just can’t accomplish!

How to Play

Each player begins the game with 12 checkers, placed in alternating spots in the 3 rows closest to their side of the board. The objective of the game is to "capture" all your opponent’s checkers or position your pieces so that your opponent has no available moves. Make captures by jumping over opponent’s pieces. Plays can only be made in a forward and diagonal direction.

When a player successfully gets a piece from his/her side of the board across to the other side, it becomes a “king” piece. King pieces can move in any direction. The first person to eliminate all of his/her opponent’s pieces by jumping them is the winner.

Set includes 24 plastic checkers (10" dia) and 1 mat (10'L x 10'W). Individual mat also sold separately.