Constant Engagement

These chairs are designed to be slightly unstable, requiring students to engage their core muscles to maintain proper position. This means students spend the entire class subtly burning off excess energy and strengthening muscles. This in turn keeps them more focused on their work. It’s also a great option for younger students who are prone to fidgeting.

High-Quality Construction

Each soft, PVC cushion features adjustable straps with an extra-grippy bottom, so they stay in place on the chair. Alter the inflation level of the cushion to adjust its stability based on age group and student preference.

Set of 24 cushions makes it easy to outfit an entire class. Use the included bag to store cushions and keep them organized when not in use. The bag is ventilated so your cushions stay odor free. Each cushion supports up to 1,100 lb. Accommodates chairs up to 19”W. Cushions are 14”L x 14”W x 3”H; 3 lb.