Teach Geocaching

Geocaching is a great way to spur a sense of adventure, while putting interpretation and critical thinking skills to the test! Through this text, teachers will learn the most effective ways to get their students excited about geocaching, while also communicating core concepts important to the activity. Text includes step-by-step guides for introducing concepts, detailing equipment such as GPS, and detailing strategies for getting students involved in geocaching on a grander scale.

From the history of the hobby and famous instances of geocaching, to the health and fitness benefits of caching, students will get a comprehensive education on the topic that presents a number of encouraging benefits. Along the way, they’ll get to learn more about how they can set up their own geocaches and join community networks of cachers who have already discovered their local sense of adventure. The book is also a great resource for adults too! Use with community groups or get parents involved with their students!


The book is divided into 2 sections, spanning 8 chapters over 216 pages.