Economically Affordable

PE and recreational programs looking for reliable, long-lasting equipment have found it in this indoor basketball net. Low-cost, without compromising on design or performance, this net is great for all ages and skill levels for years to come.

Simple Solution

Net easily connects to current hoops via its official 12 loop design. It can be used in conjunction with a wide range of hoop styles and types, ensuring a quick retrofit or replacement option for existing hardware. Offers a superior alternative to no net at all—nets help to slow the downward trajectory of the wall to assist players in reacting when rebounding. For smaller courts or more confined spaces, net also helps minimize erratic ball behavior after shots are made.

Great Durability

Crafted with durable, high-quality polyester, this indoor basketball net will stand up to institutional wear and tear at any level, from practice to games. Low-stretch properties mean balls won’t take their toll when falling through, which can leave other nets sagging or underperforming in just a few years.