Durable Cover

This ball was specifically designed for slamming exercises, so there’s no worry of it ever busting open! A thicker cover allows for more intense movements versus a standard medicine ball, which has seams that can fail after routine slamming. The Quake’s cover also features an intensely-textured pattern that gives users an extremely secure grip when throwing and catching so there’s less chance of it slipping through fingers or getting dropped.

The Benefits of Slamming

Why should users workout with slam balls? Slam ball exercises help develop a user’s core muscles with an unstable center weight. As the ball is moved, the sand shifts around inside the ball, so users must engage their core muscles to stabilize their bodies to perform movements properly. This extra challenge from the instability is missing in other lifting exercises! When slammed, the sand inside the ball absorbs the impact, “deadening” the ball so it stays put rather than rolling away so routines stays on track.

Complete Set includes 5 balls (1 of each size).