How to Play

Divide the class into 3 teams of 4 students and assign each team a color. Set up a large court, using the space you have available; a basketball court indoors or a soccer field outdoors is recommended. The starting team stands in the middle of the court surrounded by the remaining 2 teams in the shape of a square. The server calls out “OMNIKIN” and the color of an opposing team, and serves the ball. That team that was called out attempts to catch the ball before it hits the ground. If they succeed, they earn 1 point. If not, the 2 other teams each earn 1 point. Keep the action moving by immediately serving the ball again after catching it. The strategic fun continues for three periods of 15 minutes each.

Friendly and Durable

The KIN-BALL features a balloon bladder to keep it lightweight for easy handling. It’s built to last with a tough, waterproof, 100% nylon cover for durability indoors. The oversized ball is only 2 lb 6 oz, making it non-intimidating and extremely versatile. KIN-BALL includes 2 latex bladders.

Replacement latex or TPU bladder (40"-48" dia), Scoreboard, Official Rule Book, and Instruction Manual with tips on setup and game play sold separately.

Safe Products for Schools, Gyms and Recreation Centers - Gopher SportCHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.