Make Exercise Fun

These cardio fitness dice put a fun spin on warmups and workouts! Roll both to see what exercise the class will participate in and how many reps they should do. Everything is left up to chance. Keep rolling for various activities and get your class in shape!

All movements listed on the dice are bodyweight exercises, which means there’s no additional equipment needed. Simply roll the dice at the beginning of class to kick things off. While students perform their warm ups, teachers have the chance to make any last-minute preparations for the day’s activities.

Durable Design

A Cordura cover prevents students from peeling and picking at the foam interior, preserving the shape and integrity of these dice for years to come. Toss them indoors or out to see what's in store for your class! Bright orange cover makes these 4” dice easy to spot no matter where they’re rolled, and white lettering is easy to see on each side.