Continued Development

The high-density design of the SoftScore Plus provides a great natural progression from the SoftScore Coated-Foam Balls. With these balls, students still benefit from the safety of a soft foam ball but experience more realistic in-game action. The soccer ball panels designed into the cover simulate the true feeling of traditional balls and help young users hone their skills.

Designed for Success

This lighter, softer ball is perfect for learning new skills like dribbling. Without the weight of a traditional ball, students can easily focus on footwork and technique. The premium pick-proof coating is moisture-resistant for outdoor play and helps the ball hold its shape longer. The ball has been specifically designed for both indoor and outdoor use and resists fading outdoors.

Instructional Versatility

Dynamic Screamin' colors aid in tracking and are fun for students. Rainbow colors are great for organization and give instructors an easy means of changing up traditional games in class.