Properly Learn CPR

With this manikin, the airway opens with the head tilt and chin lift method that is taught in CPR class. When executed correctly, you will visibly see the chest rise as the individual breathes air in. Air will not enter and the chest will not rise if this is done incorrectly, creating a perfect teaching opportunity. This also allows trainees to perfect the technique in a pressure-free environment.

Realistic, state-of-the-art manikins include a visible xiphoid process and a cartilaginous section at the lower end of the sternum, which is not attached to any ribs. This is the landmark for hand placement during CPR compressions. A realistic ridged groove on the manikin shows the xiphoid process so students can easily learn correct hand placement.

Convenient to Use

Disposable lung/mouth bags protect students from cross-contamination and eliminate the need to sanitize between users. At just 6 lb, it’s easy to transport each to and from storage and class. An instruction manual is included.

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