Stimulate Senses

These flexible yet durable PVC balls feature a soft-touch cover with tactile bumps to foster sensory development. The cover also has a sticky feel, providing an extra sensory experience for students.

Designed for Success

The bumpy, tacky surface improves grip and control for greater success while throwing and catching the 10" dia ball. A bladderless design allows for easy inflation so instructors can choose the right air level for any activity. Start with less air for a softer, slower-moving ball that's easier to squeeze and add more air for livelier and faster paced game play.

Non-intimidating Nubz balls are great for teaching the basics of throwing and catching in the gym or on the field. Or, introduce them in the classroom. The unique cover pattern makes these great fidget busters for students with pent-up energy to burn!

The 6 Rainbow colors are useful for coordinating teams, groups, skill practice, and more!