Leather glove features a tighter fit for top-class performance. The glove has been optimized for a fast break-in by including Fastbreak construction materials. Built with Top Shelf leather and Pro Stock patterns to give the glove unbeatable durability to use during every practice session and big game. A low-profile heel, smaller hand opening, and shorter finger stalls give less rebound and makes the glove easier to close for when it really matters. Enjoy the fit used by Dustin Pedroia, one of MLB's best fielders. The A1K Series glove is available in 3 sizes with different webbing. The 11-1/2”L gloves feature an H-Web and are available in right-handed only. 11-3/4”L gloves have a Two-Piece Web, and are available in right- or left-handed. The 12-1/4”L gloves have a Pro Laced T-Web for right- or left-handed players. The 11-1/2"L and 11-3/4"L gloves are great for infielders, whereas the 12-1/4"L glove is ideal for outfielders.