Connect Teamwork & Fun

A patented connection point allows students to connect their scooters for a variety of activities! This simple tongue-and-groove design is located on the front and back of each scooter, allowing for long runs of scooters which promotes teamwork, communication, and creativity!

Durable Design

These boards are built to last! Constructed of high-impact molded polypropylene, they withstand drops or accidental crashes. A reinforced seating area, plus 4 strips that run from each corner to the middle, enhance the durability and provide a stable ride for older riders.

All boards have 2 handles with a 2" gap that give students better control.

Choose from two wheel options:

An included cart (available in packs only) is made with a tough ABS plastic. Wheels glide across the floor with ease, and two lock for safer loading and unloading. Cart is 27"L x 24"W x 54"H; 23 lb.