Master Tricks and Skills

At just 5-1/4''H, this low beam for gymnastics is a friendly, non-intimidating option for beginners and intermediate users trying to learn new skills. The 4”W walking surface is the same as a regulation beam for a true practice surface. If students stumble or misstep, solid ground is only a step away! Spanning just 8'L—less than half the length of a regulation beam—gymnasts can focus on mastering skills on a shorter beam instead of worrying about covering the length of a regulation beam.

Friendly, Yet Durable Design

A solid wood core, instead of a traditional solid steel core, makes this gymnastics beam for beginners a much friendlier option to learn on. Wood is more forgiving and softer, helping users adapt to balancing off the ground. A suede-like cover protects the wood core and provides a realistic feel. Wooden feet raise the beam slightly off of the ground. The beam is 8'L x 4"W x 5-1/4"H and supports students up to 85 lb.