Build Teamwork Skills

Where only one person can usually take part in cup stacking, teams and groups can compete together in bucket stacking games. Buckets are large enough that students can lift only one at a time, which means the whole team has to pitch in to create a pyramid or stack sequence. Verbal communication is key when determining whose bucket goes where in the stack!

Buckets are also a great option in team relay races. Students need to work fast to build or unstack a pyramid before they can move onto the next activity.

Heavy-Duty Construction

A durable design keeps these 8"H buckets in top form for every game and activity. They won't warp or break when stacked or collapsed, and the heavy-duty plastic construction easily stands up to accidental drops. Holes in the bottom of the buckets quicken the rate at which students can stack them. The holes prevent air from being trapped between buckets, which can cause suction issues and prevent them from coming apart.

Set includes 36 buckets (6 of each Rainbow color) and activity instructions.