Extremely Durable

Made with a high-impact, low-density polyethylene, this cone can take a beating but still be flex for safety if students run into it. This makes it extremely safe for use while allowing it to keep its shape for years. In addition to standing up to contact during rough play, the cone is made to withstand long-lasting exposure to the elements. Its safety orange color features an ultraviolet stabilizer to resist fading while out in the sun, wind, and rain.

Designed for Convenience

A two-piece design makes it extremely easy to set up and take down the cone. A poly cone top slips through a 100% recycled rubber base quickly and easily, so you can quickly transport it to and from storage.

Great Versatility

Whether used as a goal for soccer or hockey games or crowd control at outdoor events, this cone has many uses. Simply string rope or ribbon through the top handle of the cone to make it into a perfectly functional barrier. The handle also features 2 mounting holes where you can place warning lights or signs.