A Range of Activities

Get your students off to the races with a traditional egg and spoon race and see who has the balance to make it to the finish line first! Speed up the pace for an additional challenge and make balancers pay careful attention to their egg as they try to move swiftly to the finish line. You can even blindfold students for the ultimate balance challenge!

In addition to single player races, team relay games add another level of excitement to field day and encourage every student to get involved in the fun. Students will need to pass the egg carefully from their spoon to the next team member, which means communicating and working together to prevent drops.

Teaches Critical Skills

Balance is a core skill required for egg spoon games, which can be learned and honed as students practice and play. Dexterity is also required to react to wobbling and shifting of the egg as students move, to keep it upright and off of the ground. When obstacles or team relays are set up, hand/eye coordination becomes paramount as students work to move their entire bodies without shifting their eggs.

Eggs can be placed upright on the spoon for a general balance challenge, or laid on their side for added instability that increases the challenge.

Bright Colors

Rainbow® colors make dividing classes up into individual players and teams quick and easy. Race a team of green against a team of blue to see who can get to the end of the line the fastest. Or, send different students through an obstacle course with different color eggs to see which color gets the furthest without being dropped. Set includes 6 colorful eggs and 6 13”L wooden spoons.