Realistic Experience

The texture and layout of these greens forces students to anticipate breaks, adjust their power level, and realign themselves. Measuring a full 1” thick in some areas, the bumps, dips, and breaks of these mats are highly realistic.

A slight incline around each hole also presents a challenge that will push students to consider their approach. Cups are roughly ¼” dia smaller than regulation, which means accuracy is paramount in sinking putts.

Convenient Transport and Storage

Measuring 9’L x 36”W, these indoor golf putting greens are spacious but roll up quickly for easy transport. Store them upright to conserve space or place them safely on shelves or racks when not in use. Everything fits neatly into an included DuraBag Duffel, allowing you to take an authentic putting experience anywhere.

9-Hole Putting Greens are available in packs and individually.

Pack Options