Exciting Activities

A departure from traditional jump rope games, Chinese jump ropes offer an exciting new gamut of activities! Two players (enders) hold the bands on their legs, with a person in the middle who must perform a series of jumps on command without making a mistake or stopping. Timing plays an integral role in staying on beat with the enders. Advancing to more difficult routines builds fundamental skills.

Ideal at Any Age

Quickly adjust the difficulty of play by moving bands up or down the enders' legs, creating scalable fun for all skill levels. The speed of any activity can also be adjusted, to slow things down for beginners or amp up the tempo for skilled jumpers. With 8’L and 16’L options available, it's easy to add people to the mix. If you need a little help getting started, the activity instructions shows students how to perform 11 fun and easy-to-learn games.

Pack includes 6 single-loop 8'L ropes, 2 double-loop 16'L ropes, and activity instructions.