Explore Numerous Games and Activities

Field day is all about presenting students with numerous team games and activities. This set includes everything needed to accomplish this goal! Use the included buckets and beanbags for group tossing challenges, or use cones to set up a relay course and race through it carrying an egg and spoon set. The bright colors of the equipment aid in creating color-coded activities.

Each item in the pack promotes a different aspect of play to ensure your field day is a complete success. Kanga Sacks keep lower bodies moving and emphasize balance, while the tug-of-war rope puts upper body strength and teamwork to the test. When the day ends, students will have completed a full range of fun challenges that also build on critical skills.

The Field Day Guidebook contains 254 pages of activity ideas from other teachers! Learn how to organize traditional field day events or discover interesting variations to mix things up.

Packs includes: