Lightweight Durability

All-aluminum bleachers offer similar stability to steel units, without the extra weight that comes with steel. Bleachers feature 10"W x 2"H anodized seat planks with an 8"H rise between levels. Aluminum materials are treated to prevent rusting. Bleachers support up to 120 lb per linear foot, making them applicable for all ages.

Bleachers are available in two footboard options. Single footboards keep the weight of the bleachers down, while still giving onlookers a place to set their feet. Double footboards provide extra safety and additional room for bags or other belongings without fear of them falling through the bleachers.

Bleachers ship 48 hours after order is received by the manufacturer. Large orders (5+) ship within 5 days of manufacturer's receipt of order. Assembly is required. Truck delivery.

All-Aluminum Bleacher Options